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What to watch in MAY

During our festival, we will show the queer films you want to see. But are you curious about what you can watch yourself? In our What to watch in … section, we give you the best film and series tips every month to transform your own home into a home cinema. And even though the days feel longer now, the sun is shining more and more and we’re spending a lot of time outdoors, sometimes it can be really nice to retreat for a while. Or have you spotted that special someone with who you would like to watch a movie? Now you have a good excuse, so read on!


Sieger and Stef are both chosen for the competition team of their athletics club. Together with two other boys, they start to train for their participation in the Dutch championship. A friendship develops between them, but Sieger notices that he is drawn more and more towards Marc. When they go swimming together, the spark is ignited and they kiss. Affected by what has happened, they first pretend that nothing is wrong, but emotions start to run high. A family film about friendship, discovering yourself and young love. The film is also suitable for younger viewers.

You can watch the movie on NPO Start. Watch the trailer here.

In this thriller, we go back in time to 1892, where Lizzie is confronted with the bloody scene of her murdered parents. Lizzie is arrested for the murder and her social status is greatly affected. Luckily, there is the servant Bridget – played by none other than Kristen Stewart – who testifies on her behalf. Lizzie is acquitted, but is that right? And who is responsible for her parents’ murder? And perhaps more importantly, what is going on between Lizzie and Bridget?

The film is now available on Amazon Prime. Watch the trailer here.


Now that HBO Max has come to the Netherlands, there is a huge amount of (queer) films and series to choose from. One you should not miss out on is Euphoria: with a star-studded cast (i.a. Zendaya, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Nika King and Hunter Schafer) and beautiful videography, this series is a visual pleasure to watch. Rue is a drug addict and after an intense summer, she returns from rehab. With the start of the new college year, Rue also begins a whole new phase of her life in many different aspects. One of the most striking is set in motion by Jules, who just moved into town. The series – with as main themes growing up, sex, love, friendship and drug abuse – was received positively by critics and rewarded with a list of nominations and awards. In short, a series you don’t want to miss out on.

The series is now available on HBO Max. Watch the trailer here.

The Sex Lives of College Girls
Follow four college girls who become roommates when they start at the prestigious University of Essex. With an interplay of contradictions and hormones, these girls are as likeable as they are insufferable as they live their new lives on campus. Performance pressure, friendship and, of course, sex are what drive these newcomers, each of whom deals with it in their own way.

The series is now available on HBO Max. Watch the trailer here.


Pray away
It may be hard to imagine, but many people still believe that being queer is a choice. And for some people this is even so obvious that a therapy could solve this so-called “problem”. Especially in the past this was a common way of thinking. Former leaders and victims of the well-known ‘gay therapy movement’ speak in this documentary about the damaging impact on the LGBTQIA+ community and about the current status of the movement. Even more relevant, because conversion therapy is still not banned in the Netherlands…

The documentary is available on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.

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Author: Pepijne van Rooijen