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Systems Administrator - Volunteer

The Place


Hybrid position
Monthly Get-Together

The Festival

Hey there! You’re there, in your chair; we’re here, we’re queer! The heart and soul behind Utrecht’s most vibrant queer film festival, a collective of cinema buffs dedicated to showcasing the richness of queer storytelling.

We’re on the lookout for a techy volunteer to help us with SysAdmin tasks. We’re quite the small team, so you’d be making a big difference. If you’re a queer film aficionado who knows their way around computers, then this your chance to shine!

The Gig

With the help of Krystal, our Head of Technology, you’ll be the guide to QFFU’s digital world. You’ll tweak and tune our Google Workspace, keep our secrets safe with BitWarden, and make sure is the collaboration machine we need it to be. Plus, when new tools pop up (as they always do), you’ll help us embrace them, ensuring we’re always at the top of our tech game.

The Tasks

  • Google Workspace: Make our digital suite a model of queer collective organisation – sleek, efficient, and ready for action.
  • BitWarden: Secure our digital vaults with the finesse of a drag wardrobe – only the right combinations get you in.
  • Smooth out project management like you’re coordinating the world’s most fabulous parade. Everyone’s in sync, and the music never stops.
  • Drive Structure: Neatly catalogue our files and media, making them as accessible and welcoming as the front row seats at our screenings.
  • Work Structure: Craft training materials and documentation, helping our rebel team stay on track.
  • Troubleshooting: Offer patient and understanding tech support, embodying the spirit of community care and mutual aid.
  • Cybersecurity: Guard our digital domains with the vigilance of a nightlife bouncer. Only the good vibes get through on your watch.


The You

  • Tech Guru: Google Workspace, BitWarden, You handle these with ease, and many more.
  • Problem Solver: You take a challenge, and with a pinch of creativity and logic, manage to cook up the smoothest solution quiche.
  • Empathetic Communicator: You understand and value diverse perspectives, and can translate ‘leet-speak’ into something anyone would understand, without losing your cool.
  • Self Sufficient: As much as you love working with a team of cuties, you are just as capable of acting independently, preferring trust to supervision.
  • Community Spirit: The impact of the work you do matters, and you’re motivated to improve the world bit by bit.
  • Time Donator: There’s a lot to do, but we don’t want to take advantage of your contribution. Ideally you can get stuff done, and not have to sacrifice your entire day for the cause.
  • Queer Unicorn: D’uh, because of course you are!


The Us

  • We’re all about that queer culture, bringing it to life in Utrecht and someday, the country.
  • You’ll work with a team where everyone’s queer, creating a uniquely supportive and understanding environment.
  • Flexibility is fundamental to how we operate — work remotely, on your schedule.
  • We want to accommodate everyone, therefore our internal communication and working language is English.
  • Growth and learning opportunities are around every corner, especially as QFFU, its members, and its needs keep growing.
  • We’re not just colleagues; we’re a community, adding a sparkle to the struggle.
  • We’re actively seeking to expand our team, not just in numbers, but in perspective; and will be prioritizing BIPOC applicants.


The Future

Forget the cover letter! Instead, send over a Project Case Study that shines a light on your computer skills. Reflection on a tech project or solution you’re proud of, highlighting:

  1. Your role and the goals.
  2. What you did and how you approached the challenge.
  3. The difference your contribution made and what you learned.

Feel free to choose whatever format you’re most comfortable with (e.g., document, slideshow, video).

The Submission

Ready to make a difference and have a blast doing it?
Shoot over your CV/LinkedIn and a case study that shines a spotlight on your tech talents and your passion to

Let’s make something magical together!