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Marketing and Content Manager

The Place


Hybrid position
Monthly Get-Together

The Festival

The heart and soul behind Utrecht’s most vibrant queer film festival, we are a collective of cinema buffs dedicated to showcasing the richness of queer storytelling.

We’re on the lookout for a marketing and content manager to help us amplify the festival’s reach and boost our visibility. We’re quite the small team, so you’d be making a big difference. If you’re a passionate queer film enthusiast with a talent for creating engaging content and a knack for versatility, then this your chance to shine!

The Gig

As the marketing and content manager at QFFU, you’ll collaborate closely with Cosmin, our Head of Marketing Communications, to develop compelling strategies to captivate our target audience and ensure our message resonates effectively across all channels. Your creative prowess will be instrumental in generating engaging graphics, videos, and written posts that resonate with our audience. Whether you craft persuasive newsletter copy, utilize your WordPress skills to maintain our website, or edit visuals in Illustrator, your jack-of-all-trades personality will seamlessly integrate with our team.

This role is volunteer-based, with a volunteer compensation at the end of the festival, and a commitment of 4-6 hours/week, increasing leading up to the festival.

The Tasks

  • Content Creation: Develop engaging content, including graphics, videos, and written posts.
  • Editing Wizard: Harness your knowledge in editing tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere to create visuals and videos.
  • Social Media Management: Take charge of our social media presence, curating a content calendar to ensure consistent messaging and visuals across all channels.
  • Newsletter Coordination: Develop an email marketing calendar to ensure timely and relevant communication. Craft compelling and concise copy for email campaigns; integrate visuals, graphics, and videos.
  • Website Maintenance: Update website content and integrate graphics and videos, with basic knowledge of WordPress preferred. Implement SEO best practices to boost our search engine rankings.
  • Live Updates: Provide updates during the festival, covering select screenings, events, and behind-the-scenes moments.


The You

  • Content Creation Maestro: From graphics to written posts, you excel at crafting engaging content that captivates audiences.
  • Detail-Oriented Expert: Your keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of our marketing and content strategy is polished, leaving no stone unturned and no typos unchecked.
  • Creative Problem Solver: Challenges are opportunities for innovation; you approach them with creativity and logic.
  • Empathetic Communicator: Your storytelling connects with diverse audiences, fostering understanding and empathy.
  • Independent Innovator: While you thrive in a team setting, you’re equally adept at steering the ship solo, thriving on trust and autonomy.
  • Productivity Pro: You effortlessly manage multiple tasks, prioritizing productivity and balance to avoid burnout.


The Us

  • We’re all about that queer culture, bringing it to life in Utrecht and someday, the country.
  • You’ll work with a team where everyone’s queer, creating a uniquely supportive and understanding environment.
  • Flexibility is fundamental to how we operate — work remotely, on your schedule.
  • We want to accommodate everyone, therefore our internal communication and working language is English.
  • Growth and learning opportunities are around every corner, especially as QFFU, its members, and its needs keep growing.
  • We’re not just colleagues; we’re a community, adding a sparkle to the struggle.
  • We’re actively seeking to expand our team, not just in numbers, but in perspective; and will be prioritizing BIPOC applicants.


The Future

Forget the cover letter! Instead, send over a Project Case Study that shines a light on your marketing and content skills. Reflect on a project or solution you’re proud of, highlighting:

  1. Your role and the goals.
  2. What you did and how you approached the challenge.
  3. The difference your contribution made and what you learned.

Feel free to choose whatever format you’re most comfortable with (e.g., document, slideshow, video).

The Submission

Ready to make a difference and have a blast doing it?
Shoot over your CV/LinkedIn and a case study that shines a spotlight on your marketing and content talents and your passion to

Let’s make something magical together!