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This coming-of-age LGBTQIA+ drama from Wolfe Video takes place in a rural east-coast trailer park, where Link  lives with his toxic, violent father and younger half-brother Travis.  Link thinks a lot about his identity and sexuality and experiments with other people. To make some money,… Read More »Wildhood

Kapana & Masquerade

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Kapana – Winner of Hivos Free to be me Award 2022 Kapana is the first mainstream queer film from Namibia. In Namibia, the word ‘sodomy’ is still in use and the existence of homosexual feelings, let alone relationships, is stigmatized. Being in a relationship with… Read More »Kapana & Masquerade

Hello World

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What is it like to be the only openly queer person in your school? In the Norwegian documentary Hello World by director Kenneth Elvebakk we follow Runa (12), Viktor (12), Dina (13) and Joachim (14) during three years of school. Through the eyes of these… Read More »Hello World

Peter von Kant

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Peter Von Kant is a successful and famous director. He lives with his assistant Karl, whom he loves to humiliate. Then he meets Amir, a very handsome and modest man, and falls madly in love. Not soon after, they live together and Peter helps Amir… Read More »Peter von Kant

Queer Movies & Voguing Night

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Queer Film Festival Utrecht organizes in cooperation with Centraal Museum/Cinema Centraal a unique evening full of queerness inside and outside the museum. Sign up for a guided tour on sexuality in art or join one of the three voguing workshops of Utrecht Ballroom Scene. Then… Read More »Queer Movies & Voguing Night

Dutch Docs

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This night is dedicated to the Dutch queer documentary. Six different films tell the stories over queer identities in the Netherlands and abroad, from brandnew studentfilms shot across the borders till intimite personal portraits. The makers are present! Between the films we’re going to talk… Read More »Dutch Docs