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What to watch in … JULY & AUGUST

During our festival, we will of course show the queer films you want to see. But are you curious about what you can watch yourself? In our monthly section What to watch in …, we give you the best film and series tips to transform your home into a home cinema. Of course, QFFU itself is getting closer and closer (have you already put it in your agenda?). August 19-28, we will turn Utrecht into one big cinema again!), but until then, we want to give you film lovers the best tips. Read on to find out what we recommend for July & August!


Fire Island

In this compelling romantic comedy, we follow a group of friends who travel together to Fire Island to celebrate a wild summer holiday. The place off the coast of Long Island is a hotspot for queer culture and the LGBTQIA+ community. The friends are looking for parties, but maybe also a little love. No shortage of the former, but the latter turns out to be a little more complicated to find…

Fire Island can now be seen on Disney+. 

Splendid Isolation

Anna and Hannah have fled a disaster together and have struggled to reach a remote island. What exactly they have been through, no one knows. On the island they find drinking water and an empty house, which they move into together. They build up a modest existence and Anna soon falls back into her role as Hannah’s carer. The two lovers need each other, but the situation complicates their relationship. Hannah’s fragile condition is a constant reminder to the women that the end is in sight. And then suddenly someone appears on the beach.

Splendid Isolation will be playing in cinemas from 7 July onwards.


In this South African drama, a photographer attends a commemoration of a bloody disaster. During the memorial, she meets a local woman and the two fall in love. Their love is anything but frivolous: the relationship brings up painful memories of a shared past for both of them.

Jewel will be available on Netflix from 8 July.


The new film by German director Leonie Krippendorff is about Nora, a shy 14-year-old girl who has felt invisible all her life. She lives in Berlin and spends most of her time with her big sister. But Nora’s sister is a lot more extrovert and has very different ideas. She is mainly preoccupied with her appearance, social media and boys. Nora has her own world, and that world suddenly becomes much bigger when she meets Romy. The sky seems bluer and Nora’s body changes. She feels like a caterpillar ready for her metamorphosis: she finally crawls out of her cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly.

Kokon will be shown in cinemas in the Netherlands from 21 July onwards. Watch the trailer here.

Anything’s Possible

Billy Porter’s new film revolves around Kelsa, a confident trans girl in her final year of high school. She often talks about boys with her friends, but she never really starts dating. Until classmate Khal expresses his interest in her. Kelsa doesn’t really know what to do with this new attention: in high school everyone knows everything about each other, and the two of them don’t want any drama. Together they explore each other and love and end up in a romance full of joy, tenderness and of course the inevitable pain of young love.

Anything’s Possible will be available on Amazon Prime Video from 22 July. Until then, watch the trailer here.



HBO Max renews the popular reality series Legendary with a second season. In the series we follow several vogueteams – better known as Houses. The series takes us all the way into the underground ballroom culture and follows the Houses as they prepare for legendary nights. The series is full of impressive performances and moving moments.

The first season of Legendary can already be seen on HBO Max. The first episode of the second season appears on July 1 on the platform, and after that there will be a new episode every week. 


Netflix series Rebelde is a remake of the popular 2004 Mexican series and is at least as popular as the original. The show is set at Elite Way School, where the exciting competition ‘The Battle of the Bands’ is held every year. All students take the competition very seriously and do everything they can to take home the first prize. That could mean your big breakthrough! In the meantime, something is blossoming between the participants, which makes the competition even more exciting…

The first season of Rebelde is already available on Netflix. The second season of series will be released on July 27.


Michael, played by Neil Patrick Harris, thought his life was perfect. Everything was going well for him, until his husband suddenly decides to leave him after 17 years. In one night everything changes for him. His heart is broken, for he has lost his soul mate. He is now suddenly a single man in his mid-40s. No plan, no lover, no future, in the middle of New York City. A nightmare for Michael, but he makes the best of it.

All episodes of Uncoupled will be available on Netflix from 29 July. 

Author: Eelke Bo van de Weerd