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Program 2023 is live!

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In the first week of September, the fifth edition of the Queer Film Festival Utrecht (QFFU) turns the city into one big screen for queer cinema. From 1 to 8 September 2023, more than 60 films will be shown throughout the city, from shorts to documentaries, national to international premieres and old to modern classics. This anniversary edition draws attention to experimental and rebellious cinematic figureheads of queer protest, still rarely seen on the big screen.

Every generation of queer individuals, in every country around the world, has its own struggle. A struggle around the themes and issues that are current and necessary at that moment in history. Films are pre-eminently the medium to tell the old and new stories of protest and activism, to make the viewer really feel these struggles and their relevance.

Joost de Vries, QFFU president: ‘Knowing your own LGBTQIA+ history is essential for understanding the present and looking ahead to the future with a nuanced and critical eye. Our theme this year ‘Genderations: queer past, present & future’ is perfectly in line with this. In the programming, we offer more space for substantive depth and encourage encounters between visitors and different LGBTQIA+ generations.’

Check here for the 2023 program.