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Who are we? We are Paxsies, a team with diverse backgrounds and identities dedicated to making underwear products for everyone, all around the world. Based in the Netherlands.

Our dream is to have equality in the world in every possible way. To normalise differences. Our dream product wise is to provide accessible, high-quality products that help people express themselves, no matter who they are.

We are Paxsies – a movement towards inclusion, equality, and self-expression. A movement that starts from the simplest things, just like underwear.

We currently sell Chest-Binders & Packing underwear & Packers & Gender-neutral underwear with pockets and Tucking underwear. To find all our products, please check

‘’Great first binder”

Paxsies Sports Binder Extra Strong – White from Silje Thomassen

”This was the first proper binder I ever bought and I absolutely love it! It’s comfortable to wear and I love how the shoulder straps aren’t visible almost no matter what shirt I wear so I can discreetly wear my binder. It makes me feel really great to wear and the compression is amazing (I’m a size M).’’

Dark Green All-In-One Packing Boxers (includes a foam packer)

Paxsies Sports Binder Extra Strong – Black

Gender-Neutral Boxers With Pockets – Black

For more please check our website