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In rode bloederige letters The Rocky Horror Picture Show tegen een zwarte achtergrond.
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Let’s rewatch: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Why you really need to see it (again)!

Utrecht Pride is almost here and to get you in the mood, I want to take you to a cult classic of queer films, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In this movie, two innocent lovers discover a creepy mansion owned by Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite scientist from Transylvania. Throughout the story, the two lovers lose their sweet innocence to their lust and meet all sorts of wild and unusual characters. Among other things, they meet Frank-N-Furter’s newest creation: Rocky. 

It is a film full of elaborate dancing, rock songs and lip-syncing. It celebrates sex and hedonism, even when it can lead to danger, violence and tragedy. You are taken through all the feelings that make life worth living. From fear to excitement, from lust to sadness, all in an hour and a half. 

But don’t expect a logical, coherent storyline. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is all about the experience. And it’s worth it! The music will haunt you for days to come, and the first theme party you go to you will want to come as Frank-N-Furter. But through all the layers of dancing, singing and scary scenes, it’s a movie with a message. I won’t give it away: I recommend that you immediately turn on this wonderful cult classic and start enjoying the absurdism that this film brings. 

However, remember that this movie has been around for quite a few years and some things are out of date. The film is from 1975 and this is all too evident at times. So be critical with what you take away from the film! But a mustisee nonetheless, after all it is over a hundred minutes of pure queer representation that has inspired many a man and where it is almost impossible not to start dancing yourself when the legendary songs such as ”Touch Me” are sung by the lively cast. 

Want to see the movie? Watch it now on Pathé thuis and Disney+!

Author: Carmen Donkers