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Dutch Docs

August 24, 2022 @ 19:30 23:00

This night is dedicated to the Dutch queer documentary. Six different films tell the stories over queer identities in the Netherlands and abroad, from brandnew studentfilms shot across the borders till intimite personal portraits. The makers are present! Between the films we’re going to talk with them about their films. 

Breaking Borders (2017/ 17 min / Arabic with Dutch subtitles /Barbara Vollebregt & Fatima Warsame)

Ibrahim Mokdad is gay, an activist and lives in Lebanon. Three characteristics that do not seem to go together: he is no longer safe in Lebanon and therefore decides to flee to Europe. The documentary follows Ibrahim on his journey to Germany. But even here life is not as safe as it may seem. Discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people in the asylum seekers’ centre makes very clear.

Hokjes (2022 / 19 min / Dutch with English subtitles / Dewi van Breukelen & Anne Karman)

We live in a binary society, and this documentary shows that all too well. What if you do not feel comfortable as man or woman? Which box do you fit into then, and should you even want that? In 9 different interviews, you get a better idea of what it is like to feel misunderstood in our society.

Reclaiming my queerness (2022 / 6 min / Dutch with English subtitles / Eva Krol)

Jesse van den Berg has had a strange relationship with their body and the ‘feminine’ sides in their personality from an early age, because how does that fit together if you are labelled as a boy? Through photography, a search for themself is set in motion and a process of self-acceptance begins.

I love hooligans (2013 / 15 min / Dutch / Jan Dirk Bouw)

This animated documentary in comic book style lets you into the world of a gay football hooligan. His sexual orientation is a well-kept secret. Everything revolves around his club, the boys, the excitement of the match and the struggle with the opponent. And to survive in this world, he must hide his identity and banish his love life to the sidelines. But when the match is over and no one is waiting for him at home, he too longs for warmth and security. A story about unconditional love.

Bajo la Superficie (2022 /14 min / Spanish with Dutch subtitles / Tomas Ponsteen)

“I don’t really like who I am” Elkin tells a friend, as he prepares for the mirror. In his home country Colombia, 23-year-old Elkin felt misunderstood. He left for Europe to explore his gender identity. Roaming through Europe, he put himself in the shoes of various alter-egos through his work as a sex worker. Parallel to his physical journey, he also goes through a mental journey in search of his true self and his identity.

Queer in the zone (2022/ 21 min / Polish with English subtitles / Beau Geraeds & Mirosława van der Boom)

One third of Poland now consists of self-proclaimed ‘LGBT-free zones’. Led by the PiS government, hatred against LGBTQIA+ residents in Poland is on the rise, with support from the Catholic Church. The documentary follows Dawid, a 20-year-old gay man who lives in one of these zones. He loves his city and has everything his heart desires. But, he is intimidated and threatened on a daily basis. And he is not the only one.

This program is also part of Queer Villa Utrecht (from August 24-28). A program in which QFFU collaborates with Villa Concordia and Savannah Bay. Check out the rest of the program on our page, part of Utrecht 900 years, full of culture, film, theater, workshops and music.

Side program

We talk to the creators of the six documentaries about their film! Why did they want to tell this story? How did their film come about? The evening is divided into 2 blocks of 3 films with post-screening discussion and an intermission.

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