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A Place of Our Own

September 2, 2023 @ 15:00 16:45

A Place of Our Own was directed and produced by the Ektara Collective, making the film a product of a common shared vision. Made with a small budget, most crew members came from marginalized backgrounds, and despite showing interest in film production, did not have access to the field beforehand. Thus, the cast of A Place of Our Own features many of the actors’ first appearances and is an artistic expression of people who are not just subjects of the film, but also the tellers of their own story. The protagonists, for example, played a big role in writing the script and everything shown is based on their lived experiences. Because of this, the film’s slice-of-life realism is palpable in the tiniest of details and has an even stronger impact on the audience.

Shot through an intersectional, queer, feminist lens, the film does not just question discrimination against marginalized genders, but also the structures of class and caste that discrimination functions within. In telling this story, the filmmakers hope to encourage other trans and queer people to bring their stories to the screen.

Rosa Oomen, QFFU

The movie has won the Free to be me Award during Roze Filmdagen 2023.



A Place of Our Own offers a glimpse into the lives of the transgender community in the city of Bhopal, India. It follows Leila and Roshni, two trans women, as they look for a house after being suddenly and wrongfully evicted. It soon becomes evident that their search for a home is synonymous with their ongoing search for a place in a society that desperately tries to push them to the fringes. In their quest, the prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination, exploitation and oppressions they face throughout their daily lives are reflected. This film, however, focuses on their courage, resilience and humanity and centers around the beauty of a chosen family and the bond between two women, more than it focuses on the violence they endure. It becomes ever more clear that the search for their home and place in society transcends physical spaces and biological bonds as new friendships blossom and help comes from unexpected places.

Film Facts

Original language title: Ek Jagah Apni

Directed by: Ektara Collective

Year: 2022

Country: India

Running time: 88 mins

Genre: Drama

Language: Hindi

Subtitles: English

Content warning: Verbal abuse, violence and trauma related to transphobia and classism, blood

Side program

The movie will be introduced by QFFU.

Hoogt In Bieb

Neude 11
Utrecht, Utrecht 3512 AE Nederland
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