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About us


Since 2019, the Queer Film Festival Utrecht (QFFU) is the LGBTQI+ film festival of Utrecht. The festival has a unique programming in the field of LGBTQI+ (queer) films combined with an entertaining and deepening side program.

Visibility and connection are our top priorities. Visibility on the big screen is important, but also every letter and individual from the LGBTQI+ community has their own story. Therefore, QFFU aims to tell as many stories as possible, for recognition, education and entertainment.

We show the films throughout the city of Utrecht, in almost all neighborhoods. Not just in Utrecht’s usual and classic film houses (such as the Hoogt on Tour, Louis Hartlooper Complex or Pathé), but also in various creative incubators (Vechtclub XL and de Nijverheid) or special places (such as the library, the Rietveld Schröder House, de Helling, the Central Museum or the Wild West). This spread throughout the city makes QFFU unique in the Netherlands. Part of our program is free; we aim to keep expanding this. This makes the threshold for our festival as low as possible and accessible to all sections of society.

Films open your heart. By hearing other stories and seeing new perspectives, understanding and acceptance increases. That is why we have an open-minded, surprising and accessible program. Besides the films during the festival, we have an extensive fringe program with talk shows, music, spoken word and more. Throughout the year we also organize Queer Café’s in cooperation with the Utrecht Library, there are other activities on the agenda and we arrange collaborations so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Want to know more about us or interested in getting involved? See our contact page or check out the open positions.