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More information about all the conditions can be found here. We have listed the most frequently asked questions down below, so read on! FAQ 10 minute challenge:

Lesson on Queer 101: Originally, the term queer was used to describe something as unusual or strange, which was used derogatorily towards individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community. However, today it is used by the community as a positive way to describe yourself! Being queer means more than being strange or unusual, queer means that you are allowed to be yourself, no matter how strange or unusual others may find it. As a queer, you do not fall within the current norms of sexuality and/or gender identity. This criterion is broadly interpretable and that is how we will judge it.

Yes. The film can be in any language you’d prefer. Take into account that the main audience is Dutch or English speaking. If you make a film in a different language, subtitles would be appreciated and therefore highly recommended.

No. Subtitles are always allowed and are very nice for mixed audiences as well as the inclusivity of your film, but it’s not mandatory. 

Yes. If the main creator of the film needs this platform to kickstart their career in het queer film world, please apply! You’re definitely allowed to use your more experienced network, however the jury will take the experience into account when judging the films. 

Because the competition is part of Queer Film Festival Utrecht, it is important that the film, the makers and/or the subject of the film has a connection with Utrecht. The theme could be used as a starting point to think about this connection with the city, but this can be interpreted broadly and is not actively included in the assessment and judgement of the film.

Yes! 28th of May! We want to make this competition an experience where you’re welcomed into the queer film community! We can meet each other and share the importance of queer representation in film.