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The 10 Minute Challenge: Een platform voor startend queer filmtalent

Het afgelopen jaar hebben de deelnemers van The 10 Minute Challenge hard gewerkt aan het maken van een film. Het heugdelijke moment is inmiddels daar: de films zijn af en gaan op 3 September in premiere

We willen de bezoekers van QFFU deze films natuurlijk niet besparen. Daarom maken we tussen 3 september en 8 september de films publiek toegankelijk via onze eigen QFFU Vimeo! 

Stem hiermee ook op je publieksfavoriet door te klikken op de ‘like-button’. Op deze manier maken de deelnemers kans op de publieksprijs, die wordt uitgereikt tijdens de prijsuitreiking op 8 september. Je mag op meerdere films tegelijkertijd stemmen (graag zelfs!). 

Via deze link kun je de films bekijken.
Vergeet niet om op de ‘like-button’ te klikken, want 1 heart = 1 VOTE.  

Lees hieronder meer over de ingezonden films!

Permeable Skins
‘Permeable Skins’ examines the frogs found at the cruising spot and nude beach at Maarsseveense Plassen and their relationship to the water. The permeable quality of their skin makes them dependent on the water, allowing water and oxygen to pass, which makes them vulnerable both to dehydration on land and water pollution. Through an examination of the frogs, the film asks viewers to apply this permeability to their own skin and proposes a different way of relating to each other and our surroundings.

De Anti Familie
As per usual, emo kid Frankie Stein gets chased by their peers who relentlessly bully Frankie for being different. This time something unusual happens: Frankie stumbles upon an abandoned Gothic estate and decides to take refuge there. But what appears to be a haunted castle turns out to be inhabited by a peculiar group of beautiful, monstrous outcasts: the anti-family. Outside rules and standards don’t seem to apply here, and Frankie, both curious and suspicious, allows themselves to be drawn into the scary, wonderful world of the anti-family. Are they even weirder than Frankie? Or just as much?

Jamie’s older cousin Rizky runs a successful illegal business, has lots of money and a beautiful girlfriend named Deva. As a front for his illegal activity, he opens Coffee House, a coffee bar. Jamie runs Coffee House alone, but when business suddenly starts thriving, Deva jumps in. She is completely unaware of their shady activities, and Jamie would rather see her go. But when Rizky’s business grows, he loses sight of Jamie and Deva, as the two grow closer together.

Queer Odyssee
In the not-too-distant future humanity is reaching the end of its rope. Pollution, natural disasters, war, and famine have led to gradual breakdown of society. The only hope for survival is reaching a space colony, but the tickets are reserved for the wealthy and powerful. Three friends who survived the end of the world together set out to reconnect with Earth while they still can. Soon they are faced with an impossible decision…

Worst Enemy
A young man, home alone, is being harassed. Someone seems to know his darkest secret and is threatening him. But who is behind all of this? Who wants to hurt him? And is everything what it appears to be?

At night, two queer people collide. They overflow into a bedroom somewhere and when all their stories, flirty comments and confessions have gone, their bodies take over conversation. The two close their eyes and their meeting takes on the form of mandarin peels, cellophane and eggs like breaking plaster. Something is longing to break free from their inner worlds: a nakedness beyond a simple lack of clothing. N U D E // N A K E D will invite you into a world of food scraps and bodily fluids, only to carefully wash the night from your body in a gentle shower of milk.

Azul seeks distraction from her workplace, which is dominated by men. When she goes out with her friend Layla, she can barely enjoy her evening because here, too, she’s harassed by men. She tries to get over it, but something happens that renders this impossible.

In Sync
Three queer twentysomethings navigate their daily lives in Utrecht throughout this symmetrically framed mosaic narrative. A colourful slice of life visualising queer joy and celebration.

Ik dacht dat ik je kende
Jip and Mijntje meet at a party hosted by their mutual friend, Lino. They hit it off instantly and grow closer as the months pass. Suddenly, Jip gets the feeling that they don’t actually know Mijntje as well as they thought. Jip starts questioning their connection and realizes their “situationship” has reached a dead end.

Game of Balls
Handling, collecting and connecting balls — the game Bocce strengthens bonds between human souls. Follow Elliot on their accidental journey to master one of the most well-known, renowned sports in this modern age during their summer break. Guided by an eclectic team and a mysteriously troubled coach, they aim to finally reclaim the coveted Game of Balls trophy after 12 years. Get ready for a campy tale of competition, friendship, passion, the rekindling of love and, most importantly, average-sized balls.

Je kunt meer zien van de makers en hun proces op de instagrampagina van The 10 Minute Challenge:


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